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Can you really settle your own credit card debt?

"Do-it-yourself" debt settlement does work. And it can help you save lots of money ... especially with FREE help from an expert!

The concept of settling your debts is pretty simple. You can't pay your bills, so you offer the credit card companies a reduced amount in a lump sum to pay off your debts in full. They get some money rather than getting nothing - and - you get out of debt.

But the actual process of settling your debts isn't as easy as that. You certainly can "do it yourself." But the credit card companies would lose lots of money if everyone knew how to do it. And they would lose even more if the process was easy. And, debt settlement is not for everyone. If you can pay bills, you should. And if you can't then you need to realize how it really works.

So, if you still want to settle your own debts, here's what you need to know:

     How to do it ...
     Who to talk to ...
     What to say & how to say it ...
     When to say it ...
     What to do when they say no (which they always do, at least at the beginning) ...
     What to do when you get stuck ...
     And what to do when you finally do get an agreement!

So, here is your best option for learning how to settle your own debts without learning "the hard way" by trial and error (which not only is time consuming, but can be very a very costly learning experience). I've worked closely with Charles Phelan for several years, and feel comfortable recommending him as an expert in debt settlement:

If you are beyond the point of doing it yourself you may need to consult a bankruptcy lawyer for professional advice. However, before you get to this point there are plenty of steps you can take to resolve your debt issues on your own.

Here Is Our Review of The Top Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement Program
(And learn how to get 2 FREE reports to help you get started):


Do-It-Yourself Debt Negotiation
Training & Coaching Program

From Charles Phelan

Considering debt settlement? By negotiating your own settlements, you'll save a ton of money in fees, decrease the risk of creditor backlash, and feel better about the process when you're done. ZipDebt helps consumers tackle their debt problems head-on.

Now, you can get the EXPERT coaching you need to achieve professional results WITHOUT the huge fees. A lot of what you think is probably wrong or inaccurate. This free report will help you learn the truth about debt settlement. Here are the benefits of working with ZipDebt:

Year Started: 2004
Encinitas, CA
BBB Report:
ZipDebt BBB report
Our Rating:


Do-It-Yourself Debt Negotiation
Training & Coaching Program

From Charles Phelan


If you owe more than $100,000 in credit card bills, click here

What People Are Saying About ZipDebt:

"This course definitely more than pays for itself. I have had it less than a year and have settled four accounts already. Three at 35% and one at 33%! In total we saved over $26,000. We wouldn't have been able to afford not to file for Bankruptcy before ordering this course. Right now I'm starting to repair my credit on my own. Without this course, the Bankruptcy would be on my credit for 10 years with absolutely nothing I could do about it! Thanks again for everything, Charles!"
   Brookline, MA

"I called to speak with Charles personally regarding my debt situation. To my surprise, he gave me his time, was personable, professional and he gave me a lot of great advice for no charge! This man is sincere, knows what he is doing and is a good person truly wanting to help people. Thanks to his advice, I managed to settle with three creditors, so that I can now focus on my health situation without being so stressed out about money problems! Give Charles a call, you will be glad you did! Kudos to Charles!"
   Tampa, FL

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Settle your debts and start living a debt free life. Debt settlement can reduce your monthly payment significantly and stop harassing collection calls. Settlement can help you avoid judgments: Debt Settlement.




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