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Unsecured Debt
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Debt without any collateral that can be taken back if you don’t pay.

Examples: credit cards, dept. store cards, personal loans, cell phone bills, legal bills, medical bills, credit lines, health club memberships.

No mortgages, auto loans, etc.
Step 1: A debt consultant will contact you over the phone for a free counseling session. He'll review your financial situation and suggest the right solution to your debt problems.

Step 2: Upon being qualified for and starting a program, a licensed firm or attorney will start contacting your creditors. The purpose here is to reduce your outstanding debt amount or lower interest rates and eliminate late fees/penalty charges.

How long can debt collectors keep calling you?

The only thing worse than being in debt ... is having those annoying debt collectors calling you all the time.

Not only is it annoying, but if they call your employer, or your neighbors, it can be very embarrassing, too!

Sure, they're just doing their job. After all, you're the one who get into debt and got behind in your payments in the first place. So (unless there is a legitimate mistake) you do owe them money, and they have the right to try to get you to pay, right?

But how long can debt collectors try to get you to pay off an old debt?

Typically, there is a "statute of limitations" that applies. But in some cases, the collections companies use sneaky tactics to get your money

Is there a statute of limitations on debt? explains some of those tactics, and your rights as a consumer. After all, the best way to protect yourself is to know your rights, and keep very accurate records.

It's a good idea to keep receipts of any payments made, any agreements that you make with the creditors, and any statements that show a debt paid off.

Then, when those annoying debt collectors call, you'll be ready!


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Elsa wrote:

What can I do about a collection agency that keeps calling and asking for someone else?


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