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Thinking about debt settlement but worried about getting ripped off?

Here are reviews of two of the top
debt settlement companies

Are you considering debt settlement, but are not sure how to find a company that's honest, reliable, and won't rip you off?

Well, you're not alone. Finding a good debt settlement company isn't easy. There are so many companies out there that they all start to look alike after a while. Ads on TV, the radio, in newspapers - you've probably seen them. And of course, they all say they're good. But how the heck can the average person tell the good ones from the bad ones?

So, what makes a debt settlement company a good one?

  • They've been around for a few years (in this industry, if a company hasn't been around for at least 3 years, stay away from them!)

  • They answer questions & help educate their clients BEFORE you sign up!

  • They DON'T hide behind their website (they give you plenty of information about the company, they list their street address, etc.)

We've decided to review a few of the top companies that will help consumers settle their credit card debts. Make sure to shop around and check out all of your options, because there are different types of settlement services, different fee structures, and different levels of customer service:

Here Are Our Reviews of The
Best Debt Settlement Companies:


(Top debt relief company)

(Do-it-yourself program)

Free Debt Analysis:

Are you looking for a company that you can trust to help you have peace of mind from your personal or business debts? Debt settlement and debt negotiation provide you an alternative to save a considerable amount of money over paying the balances back in full.

With Curadebt you are assigned an experienced financial counselor on staff to assure that your debt settlement and debt negotiation process flows smoothly from start to finish. Here are the benefits of working with Curadebt:

  • Free debt analysis - save 30-50%
  • Written guarantee
  • Offer both debt settlement & debt consolidation / credit coumseling services
  • More information

Debt Negotiation Training & Coaching Program:

Considering debt settlement? By negotiating your own settlements, you'll save a ton of money in fees, decrease the risk of creditor backlash, and feel better about the process when you're done. ZipDebt helps consumers tackle their debt problems head-on.

Now, you can get the EXPERT coaching you need to achieve professional results WITHOUT the huge fees. A lot of what you think is probably wrong or inaccurate. Here are the benefits of working with ZipDebt:

  • Get professional results at do-it-yourself prices
  • Founded by Charles Phelan, who pioneered the do-it-yourself-with-coaching method
  • Includes free phone consultation & ongoing coaching by email
  • Learn how to settle your own credit card debt

Year Started: 1996 Year Started: 2004
San Diego, CA
Encinitas, CA
Professional memberships:
AFCC (American Fair Credit Council)

Customer reviews:
Customer Lobby
Professional memberships:
BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Our Rating:


Our Rating:


Get a
Free debt analysis:


How to settle your own debts:


What People Are Saying About CuraDebt:

"Thank you so much! We are so thankful for all that Curadebt has done for us! I never could have imagined that we could have cleared as much debt as we have in the past year and a half. We tried for many years to accomplish this on our own and obviously could not achieve these results. So, again thank you to you and all of your team for your outstanding work and effort on our behalf. You will receive referrals from us."

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank the staff at CuraDebt for being kindhearted, professional and knowledgeable in their communications with me. Being in such a sensitive and vulnerable position, being treated with respect and thoughtfulness - all the while staying focused on their job at hand - means a great deal to me and I'm confident all those in my position. #### and I are grateful and looking forward to working with you to settle and resolve our debt position. Thank you."

What People Are Saying About ZipDebt:

"This course definitely more than pays for itself. I have had it less than a year and have settled four accounts already. Three at 35% and one at 33%! In total we saved over $26,000. We wouldn't have been able to afford not to file for Bankruptcy before ordering this course. Right now I'm starting to repair my credit on my own. Without this course, the Bankruptcy would be on my credit for 10 years with absolutely nothing I could do about it! Thanks again for everything, Charles!"
   Brookline, MA

"I called to speak with Charles personally regarding my debt situation. To my surprise, he gave me his time, was personable, professional and he gave me a lot of great advice for no charge! This man is sincere, knows what he is doing and is a good person truly wanting to help people. Thanks to his advice, I managed to settle with three creditors, so that I can now focus on my health situation without being so stressed out about money problems! Give Charles a call, you will be glad you did! Kudos to Charles!"
   Tampa, FL

Posted by Kris Bickell

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TexasLending.com wrote:

In a debt settlement program, a professional debt arbitrator will negotiate with your creditors to reduce the principal as well as interest. But even though debt settlement may promise to reduce your debt, they can't promise to keep your credit in tact at the same time. - <a href="http://www.texaslendingtoday.com/">TexasLending.com</a>

Debt Tips wrote:

@Texas, that is true. But if you have enough debt that you need to use settlement, then your credit is probably already damaged (lots of consumers don't realize this). Regardless, each person needs to weigh the need to get out of debt vs. the need to keep their credit intact.


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